Wildwood Capital is a unique investment banking firm, distinguished by offering both financial and strategic advisory services to growth-oriented companies. Wildwood assists companies by properly blending their operating objectives with the appropriate financial structure in order to advance the principal mission of maximizing shareholder value. The professionals at Wildwood have backgrounds from some of the largest Wall Street firms. These backgrounds include broad and applicable accomplishments across a number of financial and operating disciplines.

Wildwood differentiates itself from the typical small-cap investment banking community through its network of high-level contacts at the largest corporations and financial institutions, and through years of Wall Street experience. When Wildwood accepts you as a client you receive full senior level attention and access to prominent decisionmakers in every industry.

Selecting a financial services group to represent you is a major commitment. The decision you make is also an investment in the background of the senior team that will work on your behalf. The principals of Wildwood have extensive experience and significant accomplishments. Among these are tenures at the highest levels in some of the most prestigious Wall Street firms and banks, including Citibank, Lehman Brothers, Barclays, Paine Webber. The principals bring a complete financial background including acquisitions, debt & equity funding, corporate partnerships, research, trading, and consulting. For the biographies of the principals please click here.

Corporate Strategic Partnerships carry many important benefits to small companies. An important aspect of Wildwood's efforts in capital raising for small companies is evaluating potential corporate partnerships. Wildwood will leverage its strong contact base with senior-level operating managers and directors to establish essential value building relationships for your company. The right corporate partner brings many benefits to a young company. Among them are:

  • Maximizing access to the marketplace by teaming with an established corporate participant.
  • Minimizing capital needs because of certain operating requirements assumed by the corporate partner.
  • Less ownership dilution because investments by corporate partners are driven by the value of the strategic opportunity.
  • Validation of the technology and business opportunity, which both motivate investors and raise the company's valuation when subsequent funding is sought.

Getting the attention of the appropriate decisionmakers for capital commitments can be a tortuous and time-consuming path. Wildwood's experience includes a major contact base among the senior management of financial institutions and institutional investors, thus enabling an expeditious process.