Kamal Mustafa, Chairman
Leonard J. DeRoma, Chief Executive Officer
Carl Leighton, Sr. Managing Partner

Wildwood Capital LLC is a boutique corporate finance firm focused on the unique financial and business management needs of small- to mid-cap companies. By using an array of creative, often non-traditional techniques Wildwood custom designs consulting services and transactions for each client. Wildwood brings “bulge bracket experience” to the small cap market--a market that is so often neglected by true financial professionals.   Wildwood’s comprehensive services include advice on: public and private equity funding, mergers and acquisitions, bank debt, strategic business planning, business development, asset and intellectual property monetization, management consulting and restructurings. 

The ability to carry out this mission derives from the extraordinary backgrounds of the Wildwood principals. Their professional accomplishments include senior positions in investment banking, trading, sales and research at some of the most prestigious financial intermediaries and funds.  Wildwood has offices in the Philadelphia and New York City areas.

Kamal Mustafa

With an impressive career spanning over 40 years, Kamal Mustafa is a major figure in the banking and finance industries. He founded and served as Chairman of two successful investment banking and financial firms, BlueStone Capital Partners and Wildwood Capital. 

Mr. Mustafa began his career in banking, first with Connecticut Bank and Trust where he became Head of Corporate Finance/Credit, then with Citibank, where he and Mr. DeRoma created Citibank’s middle market financial forecasting and strategic planning service.  The business grew rapidly and within 4 years those clients were providing approximately 60% of Citibank’s investment banking revenue.  Mr. Mustafa ultimately ran Global M&A, building Citi’s capabilities from a new player to #3 in M&A originations during his tenure. In addition to advising clients Mr. Mustafa was also responsible for advising Citibank on its own bank and technology acquisitions and performed significant work for  Citi’s ALCO Committee.

Mr. Mustafa subsequently became the managing director of M&A and the newly formed merchant banking group at Paine Webber responsible for hostile takeovers and defenses and managing large leverage buyout transactions.  Subsequently,  he took on the role of Managing Director and Executive Vice President of KSP, John Kluge’s private equity fund where he was responsible for identification, acquisition, and financing of fund investments.

In the late 1980’s Mr. Mustafa established the investment bank and brokerage firm of BlueStone Capital, which under his guidance became a leader in middle market corporate finance until it was sold.  Additionally Mr. Mustafa is the Chairman and CEO of Invictus Consulting Group LLC, a boutique specializing in bank advisory.. Mr. Mustafa has served as a trustee for the University of Connecticut and continues to serve on a number of corporate boards.

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Leonard J. DeRoma
Chief Executive Officer

Having over 35 years experience in investment banking and the securities industry Mr. DeRoma is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Wildwood Capital LLC. 

Mr. DeRoma began his career at Citibank in the 1970’s working with Kamal Mustafa in Citibank’s corporate finance department. Using new techniques, together they developed sophisticated financial planning and modeling tools to help provide financial advisory services to Citibank’s middle market corporate finance and lending clients.  The business grew rapidly in within 4 years those clients were providing 60% of Citibank’s investment banking revenue.

Mr. DeRoma moved to the fixed income trading business, where over the next twenty years he worked for a number of major financial institutions, managing large components of those institutions’ domestic and foreign fixed income and foreign exchange businesses.  Mr. DeRoma was responsible for all global securities finance and liability management  for Lehman Brothers.  Subsequently he ran US Fixed Income investment banking, trading, capital commitment, derivatives, sales, underwriting, research and fixed income product development as the President of Barclays US securities business.  While at Barclays he was also senior advisor to the US ALCO committee and chaired the US Risk Management Committee.

After Barclays he managed the same businesses for McDonald Investments and KeyCorp.  Most recently, he and Mr. Mustafa formed Wildwood Capital, providing advisory services to middle market industrial companies and to global financial institutions.  Over the course of Mr. DeRoma’s career he has created various securities financing techniques and pioneered various global financing structures. Currently, Mr. DeRoma is the President and COO of Invictus Consulting Group LLC, a boutique specializing in bank financing.

Mr. DeRoma has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Masters of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.  He has served on public and private boards of directors, several industry boards and associations, including the Public Securities Association and the Bond Market Association.  He has been a speaker at numerous conferences on credit and markets in the US, Europe and Asia.

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Carl Leighton
Sr. Managing Partner

Carl is a senior partner for Wildwood Capital LLC, and has over 15 years of experience in corporate finance, business development, and investments.  He has been with Wildwood Capital since 2004, functioning in critical financial roles for various young, growth-oriented companies for the purposes of raising capital, M&A, corporate partnering, re-capitalization, financial forecasting & modeling, valuation, and capital project evaluation. 

Prior to Wildwood, Carl was a Principal and the Head Investment Strategist for the Leighton McGill Group (LMG), providing individual client asset management strategies incorporating Dollar Cost Averaging and Mutual Fund Diversification.  

Carl’s background includes working as an Information Technology Consultant for SmithKline, Zeneca Agriculture Products, and Sun Oil developing proprietary software applications and providing software and hardware support on various projects.

Carl holds a Masters Degree in Finance from Drexel University and a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University.

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