Alta Partners, S.L.

Barcelona, Madrid, Spain


Alta Partners is an international investment banking firm headquartered in Barcelona, Spain that focuses on the financial and business management needs of small- to mid-size companies.


Alta is uniquely positioned to implement major-transaction based initiatives on a multi-national scale by leveraging their expansive network of resources and relationships with Spain, Europe and South America. Alta's comprehensive services and successfully executed transactions include: capital formation, mergers & acquisitions, and strategic business planning.  Alta Partners also manages a technology venture capital fund called Invernova to invest in early stage companies with a technological base. In addition to Barcelona, Alta maintains offices in Madrid with strategic relationships with investment banking firms in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Brazil.

Alta Partners and Wildwood Capital have entered into a partnership whereby our two firms will serve as each other's exclusive investment banking relationship in our respective countries.



Anchorage Capital Partners Ltd.

London, United Kingdom

A Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulated company

Anchorage Capital Partners Ltd. is a London based first-class, full service Investment Banking and Asset Management firm that is founded on a highly disciplined investment process.  ACP is committed to long-term relationships in order to be able to respond effectively to clients needs. Furthermore, through the long and distinguished careers at major financial institutions by the key Investment Managers, ACP has established relationships with access to a number of product sources, from major investment banking firms to small, well respected corporate finance boutiques.

Anchorage Capital Partners also manages the Zenith Optimal Return Fund which is authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland as a pan-European UCITS and has a daily quotation on the Irish Stock Exchange.  Despite challenging market conditions, the Zenith Optimal Return Fund ranked Number 1 in the Lipper FSA Authorized Offshore Fund universe of International Managed Funds, as of the end of the first quarter of 2003 (celebrating its first anniversary).

Additionally, Anchorage Capital Partners has assembled an extraordinary  Advisory Board consisting of Members of Parliament as well as current & former heads of major Global Asset Management firms who assist ACP in advising, originating and expanding the firm to take advantage of the next wave of economic growth.

To Wildwood Capital, investment banking means doing the things necessary to make your business successful. And being successful demands that lots of things be done correctly, from product development to sales.

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